Helping competitive gamers improve, powered by AI.

At iTero, we're using the latest in Artificial Intelligence to provide competitive gamers with real actionable insights - helping them learn more effectively, play better and climb higher. So far, we've launched the iTero Drafting Tool for League of Legends, which helps players win more games by suggesting the optimal characters to play.

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Millions of Data Points.

Every single patch we gather millions of data points about the game in order to provide up-to-date and statistically meaningful results.

The Latest in AI.

We feed this data into cutting-edge AI that has been hand-built for League of Legends, providing the very best in accuracy.

Built by Professionals.

iTero Gaming was originally built for esports with the help of professional coaches, analysts and researchers. Everything we do is designed to help players improve.

Meet The Team

Founder & Data Scientist
Jack J. Williams
An expert in building genuinely useful AI tools, with a specialism in competitive gaming. Jack started his career at HSBC as a financial analyst before upskilling into data science where he led pricing optimisation. He then worked as a Senior Data Science Consultant at Deloitte, working predominantly in research & development for the public sector. Jack founded iTero Gaming to combine his expertise in gaming and AI.
Jack J. Williams
Finance Director
Jamie Winter
A hyper-organised and analytical Chartered Accountant with diverse experience and expertise. Jamie trained in a mid-tier accountancy firm and developed strong technical knowledge while working with a wide variety of SMEs. Jamie runs his own accountancy and business advisory firm providing proactive services and sound commercial advice to his clients. He is an avid gamer and works part-time as iTero’s finance director.
Jamie Winter
Frontend Developer
Nathan Hui
A passionate developer focused on frontend technologies who is highly familiar with League of Legends. Nathan has experience as a Web Developer bringing designs to life, building clean and responsive web applications. He is a highly competitive individual who has a deep understanding of what gamers want and has joined iTero Gaming as the first full-time hire in November 2022, leading our frontend development.
Nathan Hui
Brand & Community Manager
Collin Stipetich
A creative, capable and enthusiastic person who is deeply connected to the gaming community. Collin previously managed the social media presence for a professional hockey team in the US, as well as time as a senior Reddit moderator. He is interwoven into the iTero community, producing social media content and running events. He currently helps out with iTero Gaming as a passion project, working full-time as a Digital Banking Associate for WesBanco Bank.
Collin Stipetich


I stumbled upon this app by accident and it has given me another perspective of the game. Before I was hardstuck and could not figure out why I was not climbing. iTero drafting coach solved my issues by pinpointing which champs I actually do well on and also draft according to my team/enemy team. I understand the picks and it has helped me climb from gold 4 to plat 4 within a week. I will keep using this app in season 13 to see how far I can go.
Loving it! The draft tool has helped me win so many more games, loving how simple and clear the GUI is. The developer of iTero is super friendly and replies fast when help is needed on the Discord server - Thanks again Jack!
Great app for helping me decide what champs are good to play each game. I love to fill and play many different champs and with this app I can quickly see the strengths, weaknesses, and overall score of any champ I hover. I have been finding I play champs I would normally not consider without this app. Really excited for the future of this app and the new features being planned.
Great tool for identifying what picks would be best for you into your match up/blind. It's concise, but provides useful stats on how the top 5 champions for the match up perform. Also like that it gives more weight to champion mastery over a potentially good pick that I have no experience on (and would therefore not be very good at them!). A good pick up if you want some insight in to your pick/ban!
I absolutely love this app! It's made playing league a lot more enjoyable and fun for me again :) As someone with autism who loves numbers and statistics, being told that a computer thinks x champion is best for you and most likely to win you the game' that just makes me so happy and helps me focus on other things in the game and gives me fewer variables to focus on to improve myself. I plan on using iTero Drafting Coach for as long as I can and I think Jack and crew did a fantastic job making such a fun and useful app for League of Legends :)
My friend showed me this and I am in love with it ! its such a great software for beginners and intermediate levels and it will greatly increase your performance.

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